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04 Jul

At Their Own Peril

Independence Day. It is my personal favorite of all holidays. There are no gifts, no elaborate feasts, no pressure to fulfill another person’s expectations. Rather it is the day, the ONLY day, that this great nation celebrates that we are, indeed, great. Our geography is beyond...

25 Dec

The 12th Word of Christmas: Renewal

Christmas! The day that causes children’s eyes to glow with excitement and makes adults’ hearts swell. The day we took weeks to prepare for. And after a flurry of wrapping and ribbons and Santa’s leftover cookie crumbs, it’s over. But is it really? Not at all....

24 Dec

The 11th Word of Christmas: Peace

It was the battle cry of a generation: “Peace!” The war protestors of the 60’s and 70’s marched, chanting that word in the hopes of ending the Viet Nam war. And they were certainly not the first. But they probably didn't realize that peace runs far deeper...

23 Dec

The 10th Word of Christmas: Hope

I hope I get a bicycle for Christmas. I hope I score big in the lottery. I hope my team wins the national championship. Our minds swirl with the number of things we hope for, and not just at this time of year. I’ll bet if we added...

22 Dec

The 9th Word of Christmas: FRAMILY

I’ve often joked that my family could hold a reunion in a Volkswagen bug. My husband’s family aside, my close blood relatives include my brother, his wife and two kids, my cousin and his significant other, and my two sons, both of whom are married,...

21 Dec

The 8th Word of Christmas: Love

Do you remember the first time you said “I love you” to a human being who wasn’t a family member? Even more importantly, do you know how many times in your life thus far you’ve uttered those words to others? Counting them up would make...

20 Dec

The 7th Word of Christmas: Giving

“It’s more blessed to give than to receive.” Decades ago, when my grandmother uttered those words, I was convinced she was old. And uncool. And just plain wrong. How could she look at the pile of packages around the Christmas tree, and not see getting...

19 Dec

The 6th Word of Christmas: Pause

This is the day. The day you’re told only packages shipped priority will make it in time for Christmas morning. The day you wonder if you’ll be able to get all the shopping and wrapping done before Santa is scheduled to slip down the chimney....

18 Dec

The 5th Word of Christmas: Forgiveness

While the celebrations at this time of year vary by faith, the one milestone we all prepare for is the start of the new year. And with that comes a laundry list of resolutions. I’ll lose weight. I’ll save more money. I’ll quit smoking. Those resolutions...

17 Dec

The 4th Word of Christmas: Laugh

Today would have been my father's 92nd birthday. He is, without a doubt, the person who taught me how to laugh. A good joke, a magic trick, an April Fool's gag on any day of the year, those were my dad's hallmarks. And he took it...

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