The 12th Word of Christmas: Renewal

Christmas! The day that causes children’s eyes to glow with excitement and makes adults’ hearts swell. The day we took weeks to prepare for. And after a flurry of wrapping and ribbons and Santa’s leftover cookie crumbs, it’s over.

But is it really? Not at all. Not even close.

I believe it is this time of year that the new year really begins. These past few weeks are all about  the gift of RENEWAL. The birth of Jesus, Hanukkah’s celebration of the rededication of the Temple, the Winter Solstice: each of these symbolizes new beginnings.

Renewal truly is a gift. It gives us the power to forgive and ask forgiveness. It shines hope and peace on us with each sunrise. It washes away anger and regret. It is a beautifully wrapped box of 365 do-overs, meaning simply that each morning when we open our eyes, we have a brand new chance to make a difference in our own worlds.

So on this Christmas day, after the craziest year in modern history, I wish you a year filled with happiness, patience, joy, laughter, forgiveness, pause, giving, love, framily, hope, and peace, all iced with a daily dose of renewal!

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