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Authentic.          Dynamic.          Motivating.          A hoot.

Sound like someone you’d like to hang with? Then Judy Pearson’s your gal! She’s had the privilege of wowing audiences across the country and across the spectrum, delivering keynotes and workshops to companies and organizations including:

Align Technology
The American Dental Association
AZ Foundation for Women
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
Draft FBC
Oregon School Board Association
Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontics
Trinity College
Arizona Oncology

“(Judy is an) excellent speaker, with a clear message and good examples. I’ll take this message home to my daughters and granddaughters.”
– Attendee, Boeing Women in Leadership Association

Why include Judy in your next event?

The room may be cold or hot. The day may be sunny or cloudy. The lunch may be soggy or stale. But since the speaker is the cornerstone of an event, Judy will ensure your event is a success!10427364_768031739937984_9218349401636409570_n

  • Learning about your organization is important. Judy will do that via a concise, pre-event questionnaire.
  • She’ll customize her keynote or workshop specifically for your audience.
  • She’ll engage the audience with lively exercises and make certain they leave with realistic take-aways to keep her message top of mind.

“(Judy’s) eloquent and impassioned delivery made the subject come alive for all who were in attendance.”
– Michael Petrucelli, Trinity College

Whether Judy is the only speaker for the day or she’s part of a multi-speaker event, she will be the one person her audience is not going to forget! While her speaking abilities are extremely diverse, these themes are by far the most popular:

A 2nd Act: Finding Treasures Amid Life’s Wreckage

Challenge. Crisis. Catastrophe. No one sails through life without a stormy day. But sometimes those storms send us so far off course, we feel as though we’ll never recover. Illness, job change, divorce, financial woes, the death of a loved one: whether your storm is personal or professional, we must find ways to recover and return to our ability to contribute to our families and society as a whole.

Judy will guide you through the steps to make sense of your darkest hours. Then, she’ll show you how to find the lessons in your life challenge and how to use them to improve your life and the life of others.

This keynote or workshop includes:

  • Understanding why and how creating a 2nd Act will help participants move on from life challenges.
  • Learning the value of Positive Affirmations, Connecting the Dots and Islands of Competence.
  • Learning five solid stops for creating a 2nd Act.
  • Leave with exercises that can be done anytime to keep them and their lives on the track to success, overcoming whatever challenge they face in the future.

“Judy is the consummate professional – energetic, well spoken, appropriately paced with just the right amount of humor thrown in.”
– Dan Ellis, Align Technology

The Write Stuff: Giving Life and Breath to Your Words

Have any of these thoughts ever crossed your mind:
I’ve had so many life experiences, I should write a book.
My family’s history needs to be documented.
I have a great idea for a novel.
Writing down my thoughts will help me process my life experiences.

You aren’t alone – it’s the very place all writers begin. And Judy’s had ample experience in the writing and publishing world – two decades worth! Her books have won international awards, with the rights of one optioned for a television series. She loves telling a good story – and loves helping others tell theirs.

Whether your goal is Journaling, a Personal Memoir, recording your Family History, or spinning out Fabulous Fiction, Judy has helped workshop attendees transform their writing goals into reality.

This workshop includes:

  • Learning how to organize thoughts and materials
  • Creating the necessary “author ambiance” to keep the process moving forward\
  • Learning publishing options based on writing goals.

“Judy set the bar high for any other speaker we will engage!”
– Nancy Dean, Arizona Foundation for Women

Contact us today to discuss including Judy at your next event!
References and videos available on request.

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