The Next Chapter

Books get next chapters, why not people? My husband and I decided they should! While packing (and unpacking) are my least favorite things to do IN THE WHOLE WORLD, we are embarking on an adventure.

With the house sold and everything moved into storage, the first months of the adventure will be spent living on the Gulf of Mexico in little Nokomis, FL. Never heard of it? Neither had we, but it looks charming.

While there, I’ll start gearing up for the publication of Crusade to Heal America: The Remarkable Life of Mary Lasker on September 19 (cover reveal coming soon). We’ve got a piece of property on a nearby bridgeless, barrier island called Little Gasparilla that we’ll start prepping to build on, too. 

And of course, we’ll spend every day walking the beach in search of sharks’ teeth, supposedly plentiful in the area. After all, one can never have too many sharks’ teeth!

Full disclosure, this whole process has been a little terrifying. I’ve owned a home since I was 24; now I don’t. I’m a nester; for now, my nest is wherever I am. I like an anchor; now, the only one I’ll have is on our boat (high up on the purchase list). 

The upside is that moving every eight years (which we appear to do) has given us an opportunity to weed out the unnecessary. I was shocked at how much I had moved from Phoenix to Michigan to Phoenix without ever using or even looking at it. Buh-bye, Aunt Tilly’s teapot.

What happens at the end of our three month beach adventure? We’ll add more to our next chapter. A foot in the desert, and one on the beach? Probably. A growth experience? Definitely. And I think the most important lesson for me out of all of this will be that nests and anchors are plentiful. Adventures with the ones you love, however, are to be seized as they appear. More to come!

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