Writing Life

Belly of the Beast

My plan was to become the next great American novelist. To that end, I had written two manuscripts. But as we all know, plans sometimes

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MSU Today Podcast

My blood runs green – Spartan green! I received my Bachelors Degree from Michigan State, and had a wonderful discussion about the school, cancer and

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Out of Patients

I love stories about life coming full circle. And this is one of those stories. Matthew Zachery and I met eight years ago at his

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A Little History

In five days, we’ll celebrate National Cancer Survivors Day. In this blog post for Cancer Support Community, I discuss who is responsible for getting the

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A Better Life

Ahhh …

What’s your “ahhh” place? Images of beaches are what live in my heart. I grew up on the shores of Lake Michigan, learning to swim

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While writing From Shadows to Life was meaningful to me personally and professionally, the book has meaning to the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship as

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A Constant Wonder

That’s always been my take on life. And apparently others have the same reaction, as this wonderful podcast illustrates. Thanks to BYU radio! Listen HERE!

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