Judith L. Pearson | The 9th Word of Christmas: FRAMILY
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22 Dec The 9th Word of Christmas: FRAMILY

I’ve often joked that my family could hold a reunion in a Volkswagen bug. My husband’s family aside, my close blood relatives include my brother, his wife and two kids, my cousin and his significant other, and my two sons, both of whom are married, one with children. That’s just enough to field a football team.

As I’ve matured, however, I’ve learned that “family” really has nothing to do with a shared gene pool. Rather “family” is the group of people you’d do anything for, regardless of the conditions. They’re the people in your life who aren’t lugging the “mom always liked you best” baggage. They’re the ones you choose rather the ones fate chose for you. Please don’t misunderstand: I adore those in my family tree (as well as those in my very large in-law family tree). They are huge blessings in my life. But if none of them have been able to give me a helping hand in my life journey, I’ve always been pleasantly surprised and ever so grateful when someone who isn’t obligated to be there for me is still willing to do so. That was never more evident than during my treatment for cancer.

At this time of year, we hear about people who are “all alone,” who “don’t have anyone.” What a wonderful gift it would be if you or I were that person’s “someone.” Someone to share a cup of coffee or glass of wine with. Someone to enjoy a holiday dinner or a church service with. Someone to look forward to seeing.

There’s a bonus gift to being someone’s “someone.” That person will bring new light and adventure to our lives as well. And the precedent we set by reaching out to them could very well encourage them to do the same in the new year.

Family + Friends = Framily. My Christmas wish for you that your framily grows larger every week in 2016. It is the one gift we can never have too much of!

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