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16 Dec

The 3rd Word of Christmas: Joy

Have you ever seen dolphins jumping amid the waves? Have you watched a dog streaking across a field after fetching a stick? Have you witnessed children swinging as high as they can go? If any of these images are stored in your memory banks, then...

15 Dec

The 2nd Word of Christmas: Patience

We’re in a hurry. There’s too much to do and too many places to be. We’re overworked, under nourished, and exhausted from trying to get it all done. We try to push on, while pushing everyone and everything out of our way. This is the...

14 Dec

The 1st Word of Christmas: Happy

I realize there are some for whom this season is not a happy one. Certainly the reasons vary, but that fact is the precise reason I’ve undertaken this project. While happiness is certainly a part of the celebration, there is much more to the season....

13 Dec

The 12 Words of Christmas

The season is upon us. Whether we celebrate Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza, or any other winter fest, we cannot take a step without hearing, seeing, smelling and tasting celebration. I am a Christian and celebrate Christmas. But I welcome the traditions of everyone, and I embrace both...

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