The 7th Word of Christmas: Giving

“It’s more blessed to give than to receive.” Decades ago, when my grandmother uttered those words, I was convinced she was old. And uncool. And just plain wrong. How could she look at the pile of packages around the Christmas tree, and not see getting was way better than giving?

Time and distance change so much, don’t they. I’ve come to realize nothing beats watching a loved one first lay eyes on a gift I not only surprised them with, but sometimes even made for them. Nothing compares to a stranger’s wonder when a kindness is given them, completely unexpected. What would I possibly give a stranger, you ask. This year, quite a bit. Buy the person in the drive through line behind you their cup of coffee. Mask up and spend 30 minutes at the post office sharing packaging tape and a marker (many people arrive unprepared). Call a hospital and ask what you could do for patients and staff who won’t be home for the holidays.

Look, giving is not measured in dollars and cents. It is measured by our willingness to do it and how much of our hearts we put forth. The more willingness and heart that go in, the greater the gift is. And I’m not talking about the recipient.

I hate to admit it, but grandma was right. Giving just plain feels good! And while Christmas is generally the time we’re reminded of this lesson, acts of human kindness have no season. And no expiration date.

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