The 12 Words of Christmas

The season is upon us. Whether we celebrate Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza, or any other winter fest, we cannot take a step without hearing, seeing, smelling and tasting celebration.

I am a Christian and celebrate Christmas. But I welcome the traditions of everyone, and I embrace both the commercial and religious elements. Among those are favorite songs, including “The 12 Days of Christmas.” Being a professional wordsmith, I’ve reframed that concept this year and have compiled a list of “The 12 Words of Christmas.”

Here’s my plan: for twelve days, concluding on December 25, I’ll present one word each day that has significance during the season. My purpose is to remind myself (and hopefully, you) how and why the words are significant, not just at the holidays, but every day. Midway through the year, I’ll revisit the list of words, reflecting on how I’ve done infusing them into my life.

And when the holidays roll around in 2021, I’ll take a look back again. Did I remember to be happy and patient and hopeful? Fingers crossed, I will have!

Stay tuned. The first word of Christmas will be published tomorrow.

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