Meet Mary Lasker!

I am thrilled to announce that four months from today, Crusade to Heal America: The Remarkable Life of Mary Lasker will debut! And THIS is the official cover reveal!

Bringing a book to life is not unlike bringing a human being into the world. There are so many decisions, so much preparation. I’ve only done the baby thing twice, turning out two pretty cool guys. And just as I’m equally proud of each of them, I’m as proud of Mary Lasker’s biography as I am of my previous four.

I first “met” Mary when she appeared in my last book, From Shadows to Life, and while I was  publicizing it, I began outlining Mary’s biography. It’s the schizophrenic world authors live in.

In the last twenty-four months, I’ve made research trips to Baltimore, Watertown, WI, and Palm Beach, FL, with multiple visits to Washington, D.C., in between. I’ve spent hours on the telephone and Zoom calls with Mary’s family members, friends, and dévotés – and there are MANY of the latter!

Mary’s oral history, two decades worth given to Columbia University, is transcribed and reading the 2,000 pages gave me such rich insight into this amazing and inspiring woman. 

You’ve heard raising a child takes a village; so does birthing a book. While writing, my capable agent, Dani Segelbaum, sold the book to the fabulous Mayo Clinic Press. My editor there, Daniela Rapp, loves Mary nearly as much as I do. She guided me through edits, and together we selected the photos that open each chapter.

Publicist Lissa Warren is on board for Crusade to Heal America as she was for From Shadows to Life. Now it’s her turn to go to work, making sure the book is on the radar of all the important reviewers. She’ll land me interviews and guest columns, and we’ll all be in social media high gear. 

I think I’m most excited by the number of people who have already said it’s about time Mary’s story was told. That’s when I know I have a really good story. It’s what storytellers love to hear!

You can read the book’s prologue  HERE  and preorder from that page as well. If I’m not in your neck of the woods, I’ll be happy to send you a signed bookplate. Most of all, please shoot me a note and let me know what YOU think of the remarkable life of Mary Lasker!

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