Sunset As a Verb

Sunset … for me that conjures up visions of sitting on a beach with my sweet husband, adult beverage in my hand, complete with little paper umbrella. But I just learned a new use for the word “sunset.” Hold your breath for that announcement while I give you a little back story.

Somewhere in the last decade, I came to understand the meaning of toxic when it wasn’t referring to the stuff under your kitchen sink. Toxic people, toxic jobs, even toxic television shows (the ones whose storylines leave you sad or nauseous) should not take up any band width in our lives.

Hmmm … I did, indeed, have interactions with people whose very number on my phone screen made me shake before taking their call. As a writer, while I pretty much work by myself, and I might have toxic moments. But in my past life, I’ve certainly had toxic jobs. And while I am a huge “Breaking Bad” fan, that was a lot – and I mean a LOT – of blood over five seasons. Way toxic.

So I ticked through my contact list, jettisoning names as I went. But some people were borderline. They were toxic today (and maybe I was toxic to them too) everyone changes as they march through life. 

Enter my new definition of “sunset,” using it as a verb. Rather than giving someone the boot, they could be sunset. That leaves open the possibility that, like that golden orb in the sky, they might come up again in my life. And maybe at that moment, we’ll both be in a place to have a better relationship.

Remember this conversation the next time you find yourself ready to explode. Just envision him, her, or it sinking slowing below the horizon.

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