Out of Patients

I love stories about life coming full circle. And this is one of those stories. Matthew Zachery and I met eight years ago at his office in Manhattan. A brain cancer survivor, he had founded Stupid Cancer, a national support group/advocacy group/vocal and determined movement for young adult cancer. And at that time, I was two years out of treatment and volunteering for a survivorship organization.

Fast forward to 2021. As I’m preparing to publish From Shadows to Life, Matthew is beefing up two new endeavor (having moved on from Stupid Cancer). Endeavor #1 is his podcast “Out of Patients,” produced by his company Off Scrip Media. And through our mutual friend, the fabulous Julia Rowland, we were re-connected. Matthew’s interview of me talking about From Shadows to Life is HERE.

Endeavor #2 is equally exciting. All the while I was working on my book, Matthew was preparing a monster audio series called Cancer Mavericks. His 8-episode series highlights the very people and events in my book! More on Cancer Mavericks soon. You can learn all about it HERE!

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