Judith L. Pearson | What Happens on the Walks, Stays on the Walks … Sometimes
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27 Apr What Happens on the Walks, Stays on the Walks … Sometimes

Some folks meditate every day. Some do yoga. Some pray. For me, it’s walking. My running days are behind me (joint damage from chemo drugs, but I’m still here!), however I don’t mourn that. What I’ve found through walking I might have missed running as I used to to the beat of Credence Clearwater Revival.

Izzy Dog, my chocolate lab, and I have logged hundreds of miles. We’ve power-walked through 100 degree temps and five feet of snow; along Lake Michigan’s shoreline and at the base of the Phoenix Mountain Preserve; through the bustle of Chicago and the quiet of our neighborhoods. And here’s what we accomplish every time:

1.Great thoughts! I’ve composed parts to books, magazine articles and keynotes. I’ve rearranged my living rooms and designed my gardens. And I think Izzy has imagined the creatures whose smells she takes in.

2. Love of our surroundings. While our vistas are always impressive, I find smaller things of equal beauty. Flowers growing in unexpected places … a pine cone perfectly perched on a rock …  an ice pattern on a window … each of these brings a smile to my face. For Izzy, it’s the longing glances at curbside bags on trash days.

3. The sounds of life. Birds and squirrels, lawn mowers and snow throwers, conversations and laughter – all are confirmations that no matter where we are on this earth, other creatures share our space. We must be kind and tolerant of them, as they are of us. Izzy’s presence elicits random barks from houses we pass, proof that she’s not alone either.

The bottom line is this. I believe with all my heart that each of us will gain far more in well-being than we’ll lose in minutes by taking time every day to just BE. I have no doubt we leave behind our own scents and footprints, but the treasures that Izzy and I bring home from our walks create a firm foundation on which we build the next 24 hours!

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