Judith L. Pearson | From Shadows to Life
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In 1971, with the next election looking less than promising, President Richard Nixon knew he could not win the Vietnam War. But another war was brought to his attention, one that could be won. On December 23, 1971, Richard Nixon declared war on cancer.

The money the National Cancer Act earmarked for research suddenly made the world’s most feared disease survivable. Yet millions with cancer in their history remained in the shadows – no longer sick, but not as they had been. Shunned, discriminated against and forgotten, they lived in the shadows.

From Shadows to Life: The War on Cancer, the Survivorship Movement, and Its Unforgettable Voices is the story of 23 survivors who would no longer keep silent. The movement they began changed everything for the now more than 16 million American cancer survivors. 

Stay tuned: From Shadows to Life will be available in late 2020.

Enjoy this excerpt!

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