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Florida Book Award

Mary Lasker received many awards during her lifetime. And I’m thrilled her biography has garnered a big one! Crusade to Heal America has been awarded

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Jeff Burns gave me a chance to field his “7 Questions.” And a good time was had by all! Read all about it HERE.  

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A Better Life


We all know the story.  Pilgrims braved a harrowing trip across the Atlantic Ocean to settle in a land where freedom could ring.  They would

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Bump in the Road

One of my favorite interviews is always with Pat Wetzel, creator of Bump in the Road. Like me, she recognizes that sometimes what we view

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The Curious Man

The wonderful Matt Crawford and I chatted about Crusade to Heal America for his unique podcast, “The Curious Man.” As always, it was shear joy

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Women, Life and Science

It was wonderful sharing Mary Lasker’s story with hosts Cecilia Zapata-Harms and Lillia Holmes. You can listen to our conversation on VOICE AMERICA here!

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Writing Life

Meet Mary Lasker!

I am thrilled to announce that four months from today, Crusade to Heal America: The Remarkable Life of Mary Lasker will debut! And THIS is

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